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Belt tracking is easily adjusted with just a turn of a knob. Designed with two beveling tables for both the disc and belt. In fact, the vacuum diameter measures at 1-3/4″ and the size of the sander is 1″ X 30″. You can do this by using engaging the tension lever on your sander. Make sure that it is placed in the right direction, there should be arrows on your belt and on your sander, make sure these arrows match up. There are five basic steps to change the sandpaper on your sander no matter what brand you are using.

The 7 AMP motor will rotate the belt at a rate of 820 ft/min will get though any project quickly and efficiently. It is compact in design and lightweight weighing in at 6 pounds which is great for limiting fatigue while sanding. It offers a 6.0 Amp motor that is powerful enough to tackle most projects.

Motor Power

The heavy-duty all metal design of the Porter-Cable makes it very durable and perfect for the commercial environment. A Variable Speed Dial allows you to select your speed settings from 1000sfpm to 1500sfpm. It offers a belt-tracking knob so you can adjust it quickly and easily. While a good belt sander can get the job done, you need one with variable speed settings if you’ll be using it for different tasks. Some belt sanders only have one speed while others have different speeds.

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Don’t forget that this model was launched twenty years ago, when woodworkers probably didn’t care a hoot about ergonomics as long as the machine worked. The construction is mainly belt sanders corded best metal and the rest is tough polyethylene. Be aware, however—the Astro 3037 doesn’t have a dust bag, which means it may kick up metal fragments that could lead to injury.

Best Sander With Variable Speed: Makita 9903

You will start with a heavy grit belt, in the range of a 50 grit, and then work backward on the boards. It is extremely durable with a wear-resistant V-belt that will extend the life of your Hitachi SB8V2 up to twice as long as normal sanders. Soft elastomer grip on the main and secondary handles make this one of the most comfortable sanders to operate. Add to this the sanding disc has a supporting table with 0-45 degree beveling capabilities as well as a removable miter gauge, and for safety it has an extended safety guard. The adjustable belt can tilt from vertical to horizontal and every position in-between to allow you to work on any project you want to.

The Genesis offers a low profile design which will provide the user with great balance and with the flat-side it will allow you to get into those tight spots and it offers flush sanding. The auto-tracking system will track the belt without adjustment. If you are looking for power and speed coupled with ease-of-use then you found it in the Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander.

One+ 5 In Random Orbit Sander

First, it is one of the quietest belt sanders in its category, producing only 84 decibels of sound. Second, its 4 x 24-inch belt makes it an excellent choice for sanding large workpieces. Third, you can use it for long periods without experiencing hand fatigue thanks to its large front handle. Its 360-degree swiveling dust bag also makes it easy to use. More than anything, the Genesis GBS321A hand held belt sander is easy to use and easy to tolerate. It is easy to use because it allows a speed control for its 8.0 AMP motor so the user can regulate the speed as per his or her comfort.

The sander’s belt is bound to wear out; always check the belt’s status to avoid overworking the machine. That’s critical because most small airborne particulates can be dangerous to breathe, especially in high concentrations and for long periods. Just as important, sawdust, metal shavings, and other kinds of grinding debris can cause visibility problems, safety hazards, and can even be flammable while you’re working. That being said, if you are looking for sheer power, you can opt for the POWERTEC BD1500, while the PORTER-CABLE 362 also covers almost all the bases.

After trying this belt sander you’ll understand why he said it. All in all, the Dragster is in my opinion the best belt sander under 100 available on the market. The Porter-Cable 362 Belt Sander is the perfect tool for both professionals and hobbyists alike. This 4” x 24” sander offers you variable speed control with a powerful 12 AMP motor which sits directly over the plate affording the Porter-Cable perfect balance.

  • At a shorter 13” inch belt length, this model isn’t meant to cover a lot of space quickly, that’s a job for bigger sanders.
  • Keep in mind that before removing any component make sure the device is OFF and unplugged.
  • For added convenience, the sander has a 2″ dust port included in the body.
  • For door, window, plywood logs- we prefer medium size sanders.
  • Single-speed belt sanders have limited usage while those with variable speeds allow you to adjust the speed based on the task.

Actually, this feature will help you find the right speed that suits the project you’re doing with ease. Why settle for low-quality and doubtful products when you have the option of choosing the finest and most effective ones. This belt sander is a lightweight option that readily helps you in various finishing and repair works with ease. As it is designed with a powerful 0.65 hp of a motor, even collision repair applications are taken care of. After designing and manufacturing a product, the most important thing that needs to be taken care of is its finish. Depending on the finish, the market value of any product increases or decreases effectively.

You can buy belt sanders for as low as $50, and there are high-end ones that cost over $500. The price of belt sanders depends on the size and other extra features. A middle ground between efficiency and cost can be found with belt sanders within the $100 and $250 price range. The belt size determines the surface area that you can cover when using a belt sander.

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