Few financial service providers grant higher amounts without credit checks by Schufa.

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julio 14, 2020
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julio 30, 2020

Credit alternative without proof of income: What requirements do I have to meet? To do this, they request proof of income and other documents that reveal your financial loans situation. Interest and other loan costs are responsible for the costs that arise from a personal loan. Even if we do not normally require proof of income or salary when allocating credit, this does not mean that there are no requirements for our online credit.

To find a provider with good conditions, look for the loan without Schufa online. The decisive factor for the level of the interest is the risk that exists for the bank. However, these are kept fair, as we want to give as many people as possible an alternative to ordinary online loans. If you contact a reputable credit broker, they will also show you Schufa-free loans from German lenders.

The greater the risk of default, the higher the interest. In order for your application to be accepted, you should meet the following requirements: Some of them do without the Schufa information because they find out about your creditworthiness in other ways. Among other things, the intended use is decisive here. Minimum age 18 years Main residence within Germany Current account with a German bank € 500 monthly income At least medium creditworthiness. What are the special features of the various types of credit? This is queried directly in the computer both at the house bank and in the personal loan comparison. At the same time, there are also some criteria that ensure that we unfortunately cannot offer you any credit.

If you are looking for a loan without Schufa, contact a bank abroad or a car bank, depending on the type of loan you want. We offer an overview of the purposes and their evaluation. This includes: Alternatively, a reputable credit broker can help find a Schufa-free loan that suits your needs. (Our article Credit without Schufa for the self-employed is also interesting here.) If you want to get a personal loan cheaply, you should offer an appropriate credit rating. Unpaid or overdue liabilities Bad Schufa with hard features (area N, O, P) ALG II recipients / people without income.

Different reasons lead to consumers opting for a loan without Schufa. The better the credit rating, the cheaper the interest rates offered. Is it possible to have a credit without proof of income without Schufa information? For example, there are negative entries in your file at the credit agency or you have a bad Schufa score. Banks usually work with credit agencies such as Schufa.

As with a serious loan without proof of income, a credit check is always carried out on our credit. Both factors have a negative impact on lending. All sorts of financial data about every citizen come together here and result in a scoring. In contrast to many credit providers, your creditworthiness or Schufa does not play the main role in the allocation. This can be remedied, for example, by an installment loan without Schufa: Anyone who has a negative entry at Schufa will have problems applying for a personal loan at all – not to mention the interest rates.

We always check the creditworthiness of our customers individually, so even with a medium creditworthiness you still have a good chance of receiving a credit. Installment loan without private credit. A secure job, good wages that can be proven on the payslip and material security are good arguments for the banks. Unfortunately, we have to reject your application if your creditworthiness is in the negative ranges N, O or P. The majority of Schufa-free loans are this type of loan. The personal loan – often confused and not clearly defined! This happens, among other things, if your Schufa has one of the following hard negative features: With this you pay the lender back the repayment installments and interest monthly.

Strictly speaking, a distinction must be made between the personal loan and a loan from private. Written out arrest warrant, enforcement order, ongoing bankruptcy, affidavit. In contrast to the classic installment loan, the choice of loan amount and term is limited for a loan without Schufa.

Personal loans are normal installment loans that are used for personal use. Does the KREDU credit affect my Schufa? The loan amount is between 3,500 and 5,000 euros, depending on the bank. So the money is not used for business purposes. In the rare event that we have to reject your application, we want to prevent this from having negative consequences for you. Few financial service providers grant higher amounts without credit checks by Schufa. Here all install loans fall into the grid, which makes it very easy to see all offers transparently by comparing personal loans.

Unlike many credit providers, we therefore carry out a Schufa-neutral condition request for the immediate confirmation and not a full request to the Schufa. The credit period is limited to an average of four years. In contrast, personal loans are harder to compare.

In this way, we receive all the important information without the request affecting your Schufa and your credit rating. If financial institutions offer an installment loan without Schufa, a credit check is carried out before the approval. Here money is slow by private individuals and not by the bank.

So that we can top up your virtual credit card with the credit, we only make a full request to Schufa at the end of the application. For this reason, the requirements for this type of loan are similar to those for the classic installment loan. Following the American model, there is a growing online market for this in Germany.

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